Future CFO 03 – Fast Track Your Development

Kevin Appleby · October 2, 2020

Welcome to module three of your “Future CFO” training programme, which is the final module within “The insightful leader” section of this training programme.  This module is designed to help you fast-track your development to take you through the journey from being a strong financial contributor to a valued Business Partner.

During this module, participants should build their own personal plan based on the GrowCFO Competency Framework you completed in the last module.

The module contains a number of exercises you can use to help understand your own personal goals and objectives and to prioritise the areas of the Competency Framework you need to work on.

 Outside of the FutureCFO programme there are training modules covering each of the 9 competency areas. You can use these to help you develop the areas you have prioritised in your own personal development plan. Alongside completing this module you can separately:

  1. Work through the lessons within each of your Competency modules by clicking on the nine icons below.
  2. Register for GrowCFO’s regular Zoom Competency workshops, which are located within your Events section.

Complete the competency modules and workshops that are most relevant to you right now, you can return to these time and time again as your learning needs change.

Please don’t feel you need to make progress on each of the competency modules before you move on to module 4 of the FutureCFO programme! 

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