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Ten Reasons Why People Get Stuck at the Grade Below CFO

In any field of work, people tend to want to move up the ladder and secure better positions. In the...
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CFOs aren’t involved in strategic planning as much as they would like to be

The vast majority of CFOs feel that they should play a bigger role in their company’s strategic planning process, according...
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The CFO’s Role in Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important aspects of any business. Companies need to generate sufficient revenues and profits, without...
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The CFO: Co-pilot to the CEO

Today’s Chief Financial Officer is widely considered to be the co-pilot of the CEO. They are responsible for ensuring that...

The Ten Roles of a Finance Business Partner

A Finance Business Partner (FBP) is someone who provides financial expertise and support to an organisation. They work closely with...

How to Run a Successful Finance Team Building Event

Team building events are an excellent way for finance functions to improve communication and collaboration within their teams. When team...

The Challenges of Delivering Your First CFO Role

Learn what challenges you should expect to face as a first-time CFO. We also share tips on how to overcome...

The Biggest Skills Gaps in a Finance Team

Most finance function team members lack many of the core skills required for a successful career in finance. We explore...

Introducing: GrowCFO for Finance Teams

We are delighted to introduce GrowCFO for Finance Teams. By surveying hundreds of finance leaders, we are addressing our community’s...
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10 Transferable Skills for Leading Your First Fundraise

Here are ten transferable skills from your ongoing finance roles that will help you lead your first fundraising process.