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Big data and Internet of things trend

Implementing Big Data

Modern-day organisations capture significantly more data than ever before. This comes from a wide range of sources and offers companies...

Career Routes to CFO: 2022 GrowCFO Report

FREE REPORT Career Routes to CFO: 2022 GrowCFO Report The GrowCFO Career Routes to CFO Report helps aspiring CFOs understand...
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Maximize Your Team’s Performance: The Complete Guide for Finance Leaders

As a finance leader, you know that maximising your team's performance is essential to ensure the success of your organisation....
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How to Delegate Your Tasks with Confidence

Do you ever feel that you are doing tasks which are below your pay grade?  Finance leaders are essential to...

How to Write Your Investor Pitch Document

An Investor Pitch Document is an extremely important tool when you are seeking funding for your business. The purpose of...

The CFO’s Role as a C-Suite Leader

The CFO is a vital member of the C-Suite and supports the leadership team by providing valuable insights, supporting decision...
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Changing the Perception of Your Finance Team

One of the biggest challenges faced by finance teams is shaking off the past reputation of finance being seen as...
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How to Build Consensus and Strengthen Your Influence

When it comes to making decisions, it's important to be able to build consensus and influence the right people. There...
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How to Confidently Lead Your First Fundraise

If you're raising money for the first time, it can be a daunting task. We'll give you some tips on...
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Mapping Your Skills into Your Ideal CFO Role

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being a CFO. The role of a CFO can vary greatly from company to...