How To Make AI Your New Best Junior Employee

This is the second of a two-part webinar series exploring process improvement and Artificial Intelligence, hosted by Chris Tredwell, and process improvement specialist Alexis Kingsbury from Airmanual.

During the session;

  • Chris, Kevin, and Alexis discussed the potential of using AI to optimize processes and improve efficiency in businesses. They also emphasized the importance of leaders making a positive impact and creating a better work environment. – PLAY @0:02
  • Alexis, Chris and Kevin discussed the benefits of delegating and utilizing AI to free up time and improve productivity. They shared examples of how this approach has helped them spend more time with family, pursue personal hobbies, and focus on higher-value tasks in their professional lives. – PLAY @12:53
  • Alexis, Chris, and others discussed the concept of impact and how it ripples outwards, affecting various aspects of life. They also talked about obstacles such as day-to-day tasks, mistakes, and the challenge of hiring and getting new staff up to speed quickly. – PLAY @24:36
  • Alexis and Chris discussed the challenges of hiring and training new resources, as well as the importance of documenting and delegating tasks to improve capacity and reduce reliance on key individuals. They acknowledged that many business leaders have struggled with providing guidance to their teams and emphasized the need to address this issue in order to free up time and focus on strategic tasks. – PLAY @30:31
  • Alexis discussed the importance of focusing on a specific problem and providing clear guidance when delegating tasks to both humans and AI. By following a four-stage approach of focusing, outlining, documenting, and managing, businesses can effectively solve bottlenecks and empower their teams. – PLAY @37:02
  • Alexis discussed the potential of AI in improving business efficiency and productivity, highlighting its applications in generating text and creating images. She emphasized the need for caution in using AI-generated assets and the importance of human involvement in the process. – PLAY @42:39
  • Alexis discussed the importance of incorporating AI into business processes, highlighting the affordability and potential benefits it can bring. They also mentioned the availability of various AI tools and emphasized the need to identify specific problems or bottlenecks that can be solved with AI. – PLAY @49:41
  • Alexis and Chris discussed the importance of focusing on the biggest problems and using AI to solve them. They emphasized the need for specific guidance and prompts to get better results from AI tools. – PLAY @55:19
  • Kevin, Alexis, and Chris discussed the benefits and limitations of using AI tools like Otter and Chat GPT for transcription and generating content. They emphasized the importance of understanding the limitations and potential misinformation that can arise from relying solely on AI-generated information. – PLAY @1:01:56
  • Alexis, Chris, and Kevin discussed the potential dangers of AI-generated content being shared as fact, including the spread of misinformation and the challenge of avoiding AI being trained on AI-produced content. They also touched on the importance of filtering out AI-generated content and the loss of trust in visual and written information due to advancements in AI technology. – PLAY @1:13:25

Supporting slides

Alexis was kind enough to share his session slides that include some useful information to support this topic and the recording of the session:

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If you have any further questions or wish to connect with Alexis, Chris or Kevin, they would be happy to hear from you:

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Alexis and Kevin also recorded a podcast on this topic which you might find of interest

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