Live Zoom Discussion – Session Summary (21/6/22)

During this session, our host Chris Tredwell welcomed a special guest; Taimur Abdaal CEO and Founder of FP&A Software specialist Causal to discuss FP&A for Evolving Companies.

Causal powers FP&A at companies from startup to IPO and beyond by replacing your spreadsheets with a better way to build models, connect to data (accounting, CRM, HR etc), and share dashboards with your teams.

The session agenda covered …..

  • The Status Quo – how it is today.
  • The real job of FP&A
  • The Shift to Strategic Finance
  • Why is it so Important?
  • The question to keep asking
  • What does the future state look like?
  • The work flywheel
  • How do you make the transition?

You can download a copy of his presentation here:

Find out more:

If you have any further questions or wish to reach out to him in person, he is more than happy to field any questions or show you their solution more specifically;

Taimur Abdaal (CEO & Founder) Linkedin or

Watch back on Demand:

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