Live Zoom Discussion – Session Summary (8/9/20)

In this session, we had a collaborative discussion about ‘The Value of Specialist Technology‘.


It is generally accepted that finance software should be able to manage most of the day to day tasks required to automate a finance function but there will always be times when specialists systems are required to compliment your core finance software’s functionality. Indeed bringing best in class software together to create a robust and agile technology stack is considered the more practical and sustainable approach nowadays. Gartner refers to this approach as Postmodern ERP. We covered this topic in greater detail in a previous article [Read Here].

In the GrowCFO Finance System Survey completed earlier this year [Observations Here], we learnt that 70% of our members have integrated at least one piece of specialist software into their core finance system with 95% of responders suggesting they would be doing further integration in the years ahead. 

It is clear that finding systems that help automate cumbersome tasks to improve the overall efficiency of your organisation is front of mind now for most finance leaders. This will help you and your team to focus on the analytical and business partnering elements of the finance leaders role. As such we wanted to highlight some of the innovative tools available to finance teams and speak to our audience about the ones that are adding the most value to them…

The audience shared their experiences with the software they have introduced and how invaluable it has been to further automate their business and what efficiencies and ROI they got from introducing them.

Of course, there are many other examples of specialist technology that finance teams are using to make their organisation more efficient. If you have any examples of software you have introduced into your organisation that you could not be without any longer, please share it in the comments below. 

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