Live Zoom Discussion – Session Summary (4/8/20)

In this weeks session, we welcomed a special guest, Maria G. Vigliotti, from Sandblocks Consulting (a boutique consultancy specialising in Blockchain and Cyber Security), who gave our attendees a jargon-free introduction into Blockchain Technology.

Maria is the first author of “The Executive Guide to Blockchain“, a book that demystifies blockchain by offering a jargon-free explanation on all aspects of the technology.

Maria has had a decorated career that spans more than 20 years including; the development of the cybersecurity strategy for the entire British railway industry and worked on prevention of cryptographic attacks on the European Railway Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS). She has also advised most of the major players in the UK nuclear industry on smart device security.

She is a member of the Blockchain Committee of the International Standards Organisation and the Chief Editor for the Journal Frontiers in Blockchain and holds a PhD in Computing from Imperial College London.

During this session we asked Maria;

  • What in layman’s terms is Blockchain, how does it work, what are the different types, what a distributed ledger is and what type of records can be kept in a blockchain?
  • The history of blockchain and how it is being used currently?
  • Who should be looking into using blockchain and why? Including who it is not appropriate for?
  • How it is being used in the finance sector currently and opportunities the future?
  • How it is being regulated and by whom??

Its was a fascinating insight into this relatively new technology and it was clear we only scratched the surface during the hour.

The audience then had an opportunity to ask some of their own questions, including;

  • What is the typical revenue model of Block-Chain-as-a-service? Do they make revenue through transaction fees or is it a model similar to SaaS model?
  • If someone has worked in FinTech, are there any transferable skills that can be used in other BlockChain sectors?
  • How difficult s it for new users to use blockchain in trade finance?  What knowledge and skills are most required?
  • What metrics are used for valuation of a BlockChain start up?
  • Do you think there will be future Health and Medical applications of block chain technology?

Find out more:

Maria is happy to connect with anyone who is keen to do so or has any questions they wish to ask directly. She can be found by [Clicking Here]

If anyone is interested in researching this topic further you might find value in reading her book ‘The Executive Guide to Blockchain‘ which can be found on Amazon [Click Here]

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